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@mperegrym: #Andyinchucks #ChucksinAndy http://t.co/fe4OimnLk1


if you can’t handle jmo when she’s praising other ships you don’t deserve her when she’s praising yours

Are you a comic book fan?

"I wasn’t growing up but I’m getting into them now. My son is already really into Batman so I’ve been reading a lot of those comics to him."


I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
                         Say something, I’m giving up on you.


once upon a time meme: twelve characters

emma swan [7/12]

"The only one that saves me is me."


creativity like “yo”,

attention span like “no”.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: My ultimate favorite person » taylorswift 

"Hats and scarves and knee socks and wearing tights for the first time in months and when the mornings are all chilly and you can see your breath and draw little pictures on foggy windows and plaid stuff and ANKLE BOOTS and not caring when people make fun of pumpkin flavored stuff cause you LOVE IT and are happy it’s all the rage and people who dress their dogs in costumes on Halloween and fires in fireplaces and maroon/hunter green/mustard yellow color combos and baking your first fall batch of cookies but you put too much cinnamon in it because you’re TOO EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S FALL. #heavybreathing"

Elena closing her eyes while she’s in Damon’s arms

When I first came to New York you guys were the first four friends I made. And in eight years, I haven’t needed any more. So I wanted to give you all something to thank you. I decided to write you each a poem about our friendship, and inscribe it on a piece of sea glass which you can use as a Christmas tree ornament. Then I decided that it’s super lame. So, instead…

Robin Sparkles deleted scene (x)

I am a proud defender of the wonderful and adorable Jennifer Morrison.


Regina. I know you’re in there, I can see the light’s on.